Oskar W. Rug: Painter, illustrator, portraitist, collagist, sculptor, conceptual artist, image-maker, story-teller, a native of the Odenwald-region in Germany, convinced European and world citizen.


ART IS RUG is the result of extensive travelling, passionate research, and the testing and fine-tuning of a variety of artistic techniques. All these factors have contributed to my unique style.


My works allow me to tell a story connecting the dots between the past, the present and the future. There is always a picture behind the picture, and the stories of our past are the input for the images of tomorrow.


Artworks by OWR are represented in collections in Europe, North and South America.




The backbone of my œuvre are the important topics of our time that affect all of us. Who are we? Where do we come from? And where are we heading towards? I strive to illustrate current affairs in diary-form rather than use mere descriptions. I deliberately focus on recurring themes such as birth vs. death and love vs. war, and the collage technique is the ideal medium to get my message across.


My main objective is to get people to show a reaction which can range from pure enjoyment to an in-depth analysis and even something as far-reaching as a change in behavior. I paint against routine and still-stand, so what I find most important is the fact that people allow themselves to show emotions, something which is not a given in the hectic of every-day life. In other words: The core element of my oeuvre is the observer as he is the one to complete my artwork through his own pair of eyes.


OWR, Eine Schönheit..., 40x80 cm, 2015
OWR, Eine Schönheit..., 40x80 cm, 2015