oskar w. rug proudly presents:

The world is rapidly changing and we need to take urgent action. However, in light of the many uncertainties surrounding us, it is difficult to determine which issue to tackle first. But one thing is for sure: Sit back and relax is not an option. And: We can achieve much more in a joint effort than on our own. This sincere conviction is the starting point for FUTURE IS NOW!, the title which painter, conceptual and object artist Oskar W. Rug has chosen for his exhibition. His key message and intention is to get people to vote at the upcoming European elections and to vote pro-European.



The exhibition was formally opened on the first weekend of April and will be on display until June 16, 2019. Please note that expo visits are by appointment only.




Oskar W. Rug, Produzentengalerie W. 

Erbacher Str. 88, 64760 Hetzbach/Monte Bosco




What is your vision of Europe? Please get involved asap. We have no time to lose because: FUTURE IS NOW! If you would like to share your views, comments and suggestions on Europe, please send them to: now-or-never@artisrug.de  


The interactive dialogue is a primary source of inspiration for me. A huge THANK YOU in advance for your contributions.